News December 2, 2011

Back to Karkand!

Written By: Kenneth Seward Jr.
Date: 12/02/2011

DICE announced today that Battlefield 3: Back to Karkand (the first expansion to BF3) will be released on December 6th for PS3 and December 13th for Xbox and PC! This expansion pack feature four remastered Battlefield multiplayer maps, the return of Conquest Assault mode, three new vehicles, ten new weapons, five new dog tags, five new achievements/trophies, and new assignments used to unlock items and rewards!

"Free for those that pre-ordered or purchased the Limited Edition of Battlefield 3, Back to Karkand is another way for us to say thanks to our fans and show our continued support for the game," said Patrick Soderlund, Executive Vice President of the EA Games Label. "The launch ofBattlefield 3 was only the beginning as we vow to keep the game alive with additional content and gameplay improvements in the months ahead. We're excited to recreate and share some new Battlefield moments on these beloved maps that only Battlefield games can provide." -Press

That’s a lot of goodies for one expansion. I really like the changes add to Conquest mode the most though. Instead of the normal race to control the points, one team will start in command of all of them. The other team will have to capture each point (in a specific order) before their tickets bleed down to zero. Interesting! The pack will run those who didn’t get the limited edition BF3 $14.99 (or 1200 MS points).