News May 31, 2011

COD: Elite?

Written By: Bryant Crawley
Date: 05/30/2011

Well the rumor seems to be somewhat true as Call of Duty Elite is the paid "digital platform" from Beachhead Studios that will go hand and hand with Modern Warfare 3 this Fall. The service will be a paid service although certain aspects of it will be free which may include a Facebook inspired group feature. This service seems to be a direct copy of what Bungie has done for its Halo series but its gonna incorporate the Call of Duty franchise. Make no mistake, you will NOT need to sign up for this service to play COD mutliplayer, this is just a added subscription for those that want to further enhance their COD experience. No word yet on the price but rumors are that it might be $8 a month. I know the monthly fee seems like a lot but the service does include the map packs so it could end up being a good deal depending on how much you play MW3.