News April 4, 2017

We Happy Few is Being Adapted into a Film!

Written By: Kenneth Seward Jr.
Date: 04/04/2017

Compulsion Games’ We Happy Few is getting the feature film treatment. Thanks to DJ2 Entertainment and Gold Circle Films, fans of the game will see the crazy that is Wellington Wells on the big screen…

we-happy-few-rotIt’s interesting to see a game that isn’t entirely finished being developed be adapted into a movie. I mean, it’s not like the premise is bad or anything. It’s just that the game’s narrative hasn’t been fleshed out – the story could change, making for separate identities. On the other hand, Gold Circle and DJ2 could be looking to recreate the “feel” of WHF as opposed to aping what happens in-game.

To be fair, this is an early announcement. Both companies are currently looking for writers for the project. And the game is still receiving regular updates; the last one dropped on March 31st on PC (with the Xbox One version soon to follow). WHF might be completed by the time the movie is ready to be viewed. Regardless of what comes first, I’m looking forward to seeing this adaptation.

We Happy Few is currently in Early Access on Steam and Xbox Games Preview on Xbox One. Feel free to see what we thought of the game – just note that it has improved since we last played.