News May 26, 2016

Devolver Reveals Mysterious Combat Game, Absolver!

Written By: Kenneth Seward Jr.
Date: 05/26/16

Devolver Digital announced an interesting title today. An online combat RPG called Absolver will have players kicking and punching each other in a strange new world…


Developed by indie developer, Sloclap, Absolver tasks players with being a Prospect – a masked warrior who’s taken a sacred vow before joining the Absolvers. The Absolvers are like the Jedi of the fallen Adal Empire; these elite corps of combatants helps to maintain stability in the world. Players will wonder the land, encountering other Prospects online in order to learn their place. Again, by punching and kicking.

Along the way players will learn new combat styles, acquire better weapons and armor, and more. At one point they’ll be able to build a team of warriors to fight alongside them when venturing into the dungeon mines (not sure if this team is made of AI comrades or real people). There’s also a PvP areas/combat arenas scattered about, though from the announcement trailer, it looks like you can just walk up and “duel” anyone you come across. Speaking of the trailer, this game looks amazing. I really dig the mysterious, “Eyes Wide Shut” vibe it gives off!  

"The studio is excited to debut our first game with Devolver Digital and get it into the hands of gamers and media at E3; Absolver is the result of our combined experiences in game development and we believe that our team has created something special together," said Pierre de Margerie, creative lead at developer Sloclap. "We think the world would be a much better place if there were no guns. Then we could finally focus on important things, like sword fighting and how to kill a man with one punch."  


Absolver is set to arrive on PC and consoles sometime next year. Sloclap is looking to reveal more during E3, so be sure to check back here next month as we continue to cover this title!