News June 6, 2012

E32012: Need for Speed Most Wanted is Back!

Written By: Bryant Crawley
Date: 06/06/12

EA has decided to go back to its roots...sort of! Need for Speed Most Wanted is a return to the subtle series that set the world on fire back in 2005! Most Wanted will be developed by Criterion, makers of Burnout Paradise and after watching the trailer is looks like its spiritual successor!


One thing about Most Wanted is there will be a finish to the race but how to get there, that’s on the player to determine. Whether it be on the street, on the sidewalk, etc., you’ll get there one way or another! Most Wanted also brings back the famous Autolog feature from the last title that tracks any and everything in the title. Also, for the first time Autolog will recommend enhancements to better the overall multiplayer experience.


Need for Speed Most Wanted will be released on October 30th 2012 on Xbox 360, PS3, PS Vita, PC, iOS and Android devices.